SCES has introduced two awards to encourage children and young people to put faith into action in practical ways. Access to these awards is offered to schools and parishes and is open to all who can achieve the success criteria which have been set for eacread more

SCES has established a group of parents from across the Dioceses in Scotland to promote the active involvement of parents in their children’s education in faith.  A number of resources have been  developed to support parents in their family setread more

We provide a range of resources for different purposes and audiences.  While some of these can be seen on the pages shown in the Resources menu, others can only be accessed by subscribers to the SCES RESOURCES section of this website. Some of these materread more

Parents are asked to support their child’s participation in the Faith Award by: attending a short service at which their child will be enrolled for the award encouraging their child to complete their chosen Faith actions at home reporting on the completread more

In Catholic primary schools pupils are normally enrolled by the school to work towards the Pope Francis Faith Award, commencing in Primary 6 and completing the award in Primary 7.  This decision should be taken after consultation with the parish priread more