2018-Catholic Schools Good for Scotland

In 2018 we will reach the centenary of the 1918 Education Act.  This was the Act that saw Catholic schools transfer from Diocesan control to State governance.  The Bishops’ Conference plans to use this centenary to celebrate the positive impact that this very important partnership between Church and State has had for Scotland.

During 2018 we will rejoice in the academic, cultural, civic and social achievements of pupils who have attended Catholic schools in the last one hundred years.  It is a chance to mark publicly the ways in which Catholic schools are not just good for Catholics, but good for Scotland.

Diocese, schools, parishes and local communities will be marking this special year in a variety of ways.

SCES will host ideas, lesson plans, prayer materials and details of the events happening across the country.

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For your information:

The Icon of Jesus Our Teacher was commissioned by the Scottish Catholic Education Service to mark the centenary of the 1918 Education Act.  It has been written by artist Bernadette Reilly. It will be used as the focus for our prayer, meditation, reflection and liturgical celebrations to mark the centenary.  We hope that the Icon, and all that it represents, will be a fitting legacy for the first 100 years of the partnership between Church and State in governing Catholic Schools in Scotland.

Copies of the Icon will be available to purchase from SCES from November 2017. Please contact us for more details.

Please note that the Icon is the property of the Scottish Catholic Education Service and the image remains the copyright of the artist.  The image cannot be replicated or used without express permission from the artist.  If you would like to find out more about the artist, Bernadette Reilly, visit her website: http://www.sacredimages.co.uk/


Bernadette Reilly is a Scottish artist .

She studied  Neo Coptic iconography in the London studio of Dr. Stephane Rene. She has used and adapted this style in her present work, continuing to use the tempera method on gessoed panels.

“I hope to blend the beauty of the ancient tradition of iconography with the freshness of modern art, making it appealing and accessible in today’s world. When I am involved in writing an icon, I feel inspired and happy despite the often arduous work involved. I am aware it is a great privilege and blessing.”

Having returned to art after several years of fulfilling other areas of life which  included music, being a mum and teaching, she was drawn to spiritual subjects. Bernadette has said that in painting icons she feel she has found her direction as an artist.

“It is a wonderful way to strengthen my own faith and share it with others. I hope that my work inspires a  prayerful response and that it brings joy and peace to all who gaze upon the icons. The icon is there to be gazed upon and to communicate a heavenly gaze in return.  Thank you to Barbara Coupar, Director of SCES who conceived the idea of having an icon to commemorate the 1918  Catholic Education Act and contributed ideas at the planning stages.”