Award Schemes

SCES has introduced two schemes to encourage children and young people to put faith into action in practical ways. Access to these schemes is offered to schools and parishes and is open to all who can achieve the success criteria which have been set for each award.
Introduced as an outcome of the visit to Scotland by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, the CARITAS AWARD has been established in every Catholic secondary school in Scotland.  Since 2011, almost 4,000 young people have been presented with the Caritas Award .

The Pope Francis FAITH AWARD was introduced in 2014 for a small group of 45 Primary schools.  This pilot scheme resulted in 950 children being presented with the FAITH AWARD in June 2015. Further introduced to 120 schools in 2015, the scheme is now open to all Catholic Primary schools and parishes, normally involving children accross the years of Primary 6 & Primary 7.