Becoming a teacher

Preparing to teach in a Catholic school

There are various avenues open to anyone wishing to prepare for teaching in Scotland. The only Scottish University which provides Initial Teacher Education courses intended to prepare teachers specifically for working in Catholic schools is the University of Glasgow's School of Education.

Primary Teaching

Most aspiring Primary teachers follow a four year undergraduate degree course which combines academic study of various curricular areas, a programme of spiritual formation as well as practical teaching experience through placements in schools. Students wishing to teach in Catholic schools are expected to follow a course which leads to the Catholic Teacher's Certificate which qualifies them to teach R.E. programmes in Catholic schools.

Anyone with a university degree in appropriate subjects can apply for the one-year Postgraduate Diploma course in Primary Education (PGDE) where they will follow a intensive course which can also lead to the Catholic Teacher's Certificate.

Teaching has an extraordinary moral depth and is one of humanity’s excellent and creative activities, for the teacher does not write on inanimate material, but on the very spirits of human beings (The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium)
Secondary Teaching

Graduates with degrees in appropriate subjects usually complete a one-year Postgraduate Diploma course in Secondary Education (PGDE) where they will follow a intensive course which can also lead to the Catholic Teacher’s Certificate in Religious Education.

Other courses

Some specialist courses are available for students wishing to teach Religious Education, Music, Technology as specialist subjects.

Qualification to Teach Religious Education

There are two ways in which you can gain the Catholic Teacher’s Certificate in Religious Education (CTC) : a) the Certificate in Religious Education by Distance-learning (CREDL) course; b) the Setting Out on the Road course.

Setting Out On the Road is a course which introduces participants to This Is Our Faith, the Church’s R.E. syllabus and is organised through the University of Glasgow.  It offers a blended learning model of 4 study days and distance-learning across one school year.  Cost £310. For enquiries and further information please contact Dr. Roisin Coll  

The Certificate in Religious Education by Distance Learning (CREDL) is the University of Glasgow route for qualified teachers, or for students studying an ITE programme at other universities. It is an on-line distance learning course and covers aspects of Theological Education over two semesters. Applicants should enrol on both courses at the start of semester 1.  Cost £455. For details, go here to the CREDL website.

General Teaching Council of Scotland

All entrants to the teaching profession require to be registered with the GTCS as having the appropriate qualifications for teaching in Scotland. On completion of a 4-year undergraduate degree course or a 1-year postgraduate course, students can apply for a place in the Teacher Induction scheme which guarantees a one-year full time placement in a school.

Church Approval is required by all teachers, including probationer teachers appointed to a Catholic school.

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