Called to Love

slide4 copyFor Catholic Secondary schools, the Called to Love programme was developed to provide appropriate teaching materials for Catholic secondary schools. Called to Love materials provide a Christian vision of love and relationships, based on Church teaching, recognising each person’s vocation for love.

Called to Love will serve as reliable resources for instilling and upholding the dignity and gift of life in young people.  SCES is commended for its “commitment in formulating these texts in light of Gospel values and for taking into account the age and levels of maturity of the children concerned.

Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès (Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Institutions, Seminaries and Institutes of Study)

Christian moral teaching positively affirms all human life as precious and worthy of development. Based on the belief that all people are created in God’s image and are loved in a unique way by God, it encourages us to appreciate the value of our lives, to develop self-respect and to live life to the full, as God intended. So, the basis of Christian morality is that we are all called to love each other as we are loved by God in Christ.

Parents are the very first teachers of their children and they must take responsibility for helping their children to know their own unique worth and to know that their lives are precious to God, even when they appear to turn away from values, beliefs, conscience and truth.

Teachers can play a very significant role in conveying these messages to young people, in particular helping to inform their consciences which should guide their moral behaviour throughout life.

Called to Love is a a set of resources which support the delivery of education about relationships and aspects of health education, designed for young people of secondary school age, and built on a Catholic Christian vision of loving relationships and marriage.  The Catholic Bishops of Scotland recommend the proper and judicious use of these resources by teachers who have been appropriately trained to ensure that their approach is both faithful to Church teaching and cognisant of statutory guidance.

Called to Love Brochure

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