Caritas Award


Thursday 11th June 2020 at the Clyde Auditorium


Love – caritas – is an extraordinary force . . .

Pope Benedict XVI, Westminster Cathedral, 17th September 2010

The Pope Benedict XVI CARITAS AWARD encourages and promotes the ongoing faith journey of young people. It recognises that some are already active and committed within their homes, schools, parishes and dioceses and it invites others to respond to God’s call of love. It supports and celebrates the faith witness which young people give within their communities.

CARITAS LOGO WITNESS SHADIntroduced in 2011, as part of a legacy of the UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI in September 2010, this award asks young people to use their faith learning as a starting point for further faith reflection, leading to actions which show their faith witness. Participants in the Caritas Award will be supported in deciding how they can develop and use their gifts in a way that witnesses to God’s love (“Caritas”) in their communities.

Any pupil in their final year of school can be enrolled to participate in the CARITAS AWARD. Parishes may nominate young people for the award, where no Catholic school is available to do so. The award is designed to be inclusive of all young people and is open to all pupils who can meet the succes criteria for the award. Pupils can choose how they would like to record and share their learning, reflection and witness from a number of formats. Pupils studying at all levels will be able to achieve the requirements for the award.


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