Education Structures


The SCES Executive Board, in serving the needs of the Bishops’ Conference, is responsible for developing appropriate strategic priorities and for ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to address these strategies. Members of the SCES Executive Board normally serve for  four years. Details of the SCES Executive Board can be found here on this website: SCES Executive Board.


Diocesan Education Groups have been established to monitor and respond to local education issues, in the light of national strategies and advice offered by SCES. Their main function is to ensure that the needs of the Diocese are being addressed appropriately, with regard to school provision, teacher recruitment and support. Each Diocese is addressing the establishment of its own strategy group within its own time-frame.


The Catholic Education Commission previously operated as a consultative body, involving a wide representation of the Catholic Education community, including teachers, parents, parish and Diocesan staff. Its main functions was to provide a forum for seeking views on issues of national significance for Catholic education so that these views could inform the strategy developed by SCES and its partners when addressing these issues.  Since the establishment of Diocesan Education Groups, the role and purpose Catholic Education Commission has developed and changed and is achieved through the engagement of SCES with partner agencies and associations.