Interest Group: Head Teachers


mon6sep00:00- 00:00Quiet PrayerProvider: Diocese of MotherwellCLPL Areas:Personal Spiritual DevelopmentProfessional Standards:Career-long Professional Learning

tue28sep16:00- 17:30Leading Spiritual Development Opportunities for All StaffProvider: Archdiocese of GlasgowCLPL Areas:Personal Spiritual Development,Vocation of TeacherProfessional Standards:Full Registration


tue19oct14:00- 16:00Managing God’s Loving Plan196 Clyde Street, GLASGOW G1 4JYProvider: Archdiocese of GlasgowCLPL Areas:Catholic Curriculum issuesProfessional Standards:Full Registration


tue16nov19:30- 20:00Education MassOur Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, Coursington Road, Motherwell ML1 1PPProvider: Diocese of MotherwellCLPL Areas:Catholic Leadership,Catholic School Mission & IdentityProfessional Standards:Career-long Professional Learning


No Events