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Target group: Primary & Secondary teachers
Aims: To present the central beliefs of Catholicisim, as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other sources
Presenter: Fr Joseph Lappin
Provider Archdiocese of Glasgow
Venue: St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, 112 Mitre Road Glasgow G14 9PP
Talk 1 – 15th September
Talk 2 – 20th October
Talk 3 – 10th November
Talk 4 – 15th December
Talk 5 – 19th January
Talk 6 – 16th February
Talk 7 – 15th March
Talk 8 – 17th May
Talk 9 – 14th June
Talk 1 – “I believe”: The Creed (The nature of faith; what it means to believe)

Talk 2 – Revelation: Jesus (God chooses to reveal Himself, the definitive  Revelation being the Word made flesh: Jesus)
Talk 3 – Revelation: the Trinity  (The Church’s teaching on the nature of God as one, a ‘Trinity in unity’. This talk, and the preceding one, explore the concept of revelation, including Scripture and Tradition.)
Talk 4 – The Church  (The nature of the Church and her place in God’s plan of salvation.
Talk 5 – The Sacraments (The Church’s celebration of the Paschal Mystery in the Liturgy, focusing on the seven sacraments.)
Talk 6 – Holy Mass  (A talk on the nature of Holy Mass.)
Talk 7 – The Moral Life: the Ten Commandments (A reflection on our response to the love of God by loving him and our neighbour)
Talk 8 – Our Lady (A presentation of the main doctrines regarding Our Lady)
Talk 9 – The Four Last Things and the Communion of the Saints  (A look at the eternal destiny of humanity and the cult of the saints.)
Cost: Free
Booking contact Christine Burke christineburke@rcag.org.uk
Phone: 0141 226 5898

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