This page provides links to a range of resources, information and news related to the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom in September 2010.  This event was highly significant, not only for the Catholic community, but for UK society generally.  Not only were the various events in Scotland and England attended by many hundreds of thousands of people, but millions more watched events live in television and through the Internet.

On this page you can access resources which were provided before and after the visit.  These offer useful insights not only into the visit itself, but to the Church, the Papacy and the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI.


Reflecting on the Papal Visit

Various resources were provided to schools and parishes to prepare for and to support the reflections of young people on the State visit, whether they participated in person or watched events on television or via the Internet. 

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Papal Homilies and Speeches

During his visit to the UK in September 2010, Pope Benedict XVI presented a number of homilies and speeches in various locations.  These expressed some very significant ideas, not only for the Catholic community but for society in general.


Papal Visit Videos

Through the official Papal Visit website, it is still possible to view video highlights of various events in Scotland and England during the Pope’s visit to the UK.  NB Some of these links may not be blocked by some computer network filters.  You may need to seek technical support to apply the appropriate settings to allow access.

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Strive to be worthy

This document highlights themes which the Holy Father addressed to young people and to all who share responsibility for their education and formation. It outlines the plans of groups who are responsible for Catholic education in Scotland. Above all, it is designed to stimulate thinking on education and faith in Scotland.

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Study Pack on the State Visit of Pope Benedict XVI *New*

This resource is intended to be useful to those who wish to develop their understanding the religious, social and cultural signficance of the State Visit by Pope Benedict XVI to the UK in September 2010.

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