The first ever official Papal Visit to the UK took place between 16th and 19th September 2010.  To enable young people to get the most out of this occasion, various resources were provided for use in school , parish or home.  Some were designed to help young people to learn about Pope Benedict XVI, his life and his teaching; others were designed to support spiritual preparation for the visit.  Schools were encouraged to use these resources in the weeks preceding the Papal visit and when subsequently reviewing the visit and its outcomes. Some are provided in different versions to suit primary or secondary pupils.

Some of these resources can still be used when we review the Papal Visit and consider its significance as a religious, social and cultural event of significance in the UK.

NB The resources are listed as attachments at the bottom of this page.

Papal Visit School Resources

St Ninian


This Power Point presentation, created by Fr Willy Slavin,  provides background material which can be used to celebrate the Feast of St Ninian in a class lesson or assembly.

Spiritual Bouquet

Parts 1-4

It is hoped that children and young people across the UK will be able to present the Holy Father, on his arrival in the UK, with a ‘spiritual bouquet’, representing the many thousands of prayers which they will have said for the success of his visit.

Four Powerpoint presentations provide texts for short services which will engage young people in praying for: the Pope’s intentions, the success of his visit to the UK, for the Church and for young people.

These presentations could be used in class / school asemblies on four occasions prior to the arrival of the Pope in the UK.  NB Primary versions & Secondary versions are provided.

Cardinal Newman Two Powerpoint presentations have been provided by CESEW on the life and work of Cardinal Newman whose beatification will be the culmination of the Papal Visit on Sunday 19th September.  One presentation is suitable for young people of secondary school age; the other for children of primary school.
Topic Web An exemplar topic web which illustrates how the topic of the Papal Visit could be used by Primary teachers as a stimulus for learning in various curriculum areas.
Who Is Pope Benedict? This Powerpoint presentation provides some biographical information about Pope Benedict XVI – where he was born, his life during World War II, his ministry as a priest and his journey towards becoming Pope.  It refers to his special message for young people and provides the words of the official Papal Visit Prayer.
Ten Things Pope Benedict wants you to know

These Powerpoint presentations summarise ten of the key messages of Pope Benedict XVI – about Jesus, about ourselves and about the Church.  Each of these messages could offer a useful starting point for a class lesson.

1 Primary version; 1 version S1-3; 1 version S4-6.

Notes on possible learning approaches when using the secondary resource are also provided.

Pope Benedict XVI: his life and values

This unit is intended to be used by S1/2 pupils to help them to learn about Pope Benedict XVI, about his life and his values. It consists of a pupil workbook which provides some tasks, and an accompanying Power Point.
Pope Benedict Career A presentation on the Church career of Pope Benedict XVI
Universality of Papacy A presentation on the significance of the Papacy in the Catholic Church
St Peter First Pope A presentation on St Peter and the Apostolic Succession of the Pope
Saint Ninian

On 16th September, when the Holy Father arrives in Scotland to start the UK visit, we celebrate the feast of Saint Ninian.

Two Powerpoint presentations (i Primary; 1 Secondary) tell something of the life of St Ninian who was among the first to bring the Gospel to Scotland.  They suggests some possible classroom activities.

NB The Primary presentation includes the words to a hymn to St Ninian and a Music file is provided separately to accompany this presentation.

Spe Salvi:

a Staff Reflection

A Powerpoint presentation (with some notes) used with staff in a school retreat, focussing on the theme of Hope, developed in the Papal Encyclical ‘Spe Salvi’.

Starter Packs

These two presentations were provided in March 2010 to enable schools to make a start on their preparations.

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