Catholics in Scotland have been encouraged to be loyal to their amidst a rising tide of secularism, in Archbishop Mario Conti’s sermon at the National Pilgrimage to Carfin Grotto on Sunday 2 September 2007, whihc commemorated the 25th aniversary read more

Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faith school backers today, for the first time, unveiled a joint declaration and shared vision of schools with a religious character in 21st century England. In ‘Faith in the System,’ the UK Government and relread more

CNA reports that Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the crisis of the West as a “crisis of truth” in his holiy at a Mass in the pilgrimage shrine of Mariazell, in Austri on 8th Septmber 2007.  The Holy Father began his homily by speaking about the pread more

Vocations Awareness Week will take place from 16th – 22nd September. The purpose of this week is to raise the profile of vocations promotion in schools, universities and parishes throughout Scotland. The material available on the Priests for Scotlanread more

Pope Benedict XVI, continuing in his series of catecheses on the subject of the Fathers of the Church, stressed how St. John Chrysostom teaches that if young couples want to avoid divorce, then they should be formed in their faith before marriage and oncread more