Executive Board

The SCES Executive Board, in serving the needs of the Bishops’ Conference, is responsible for developing appropriate strategic priorities and for ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to address these strategies.  Members of the SCES Executive Board normally serve for a maximum of four years. Members are invited by the Bishops’ Conference in their individual capcities to offer a range of experience and expertise of relevance to Catholic education. Each member is expected:

  • to support the SCES Director in addressing national strategic priorities for Catholic education
  • to assist the SCES Director in working with national education agencies and other groups
  • to lead the activities of one or more SCES working groups and identify people who can contribute to the work of these groups
  • to assist in identifying sources of additional resources to support specific projects
  • to contribute to the organisation of meetings of the Catholic Education Commission.

The SCES Executive Board has produced a strategic plan to cover the term of its office. This plan, which specifies priorities and identifies appropriate resources, personnel and timescales, is reviewed regularly.

SCES Executive Board Members

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