“The great task that has to be faced today for the renewal of society is that of recapturing the ultimate meaning of life and its fundamental values.” (Pope John Paul II)

“We owe [to young people] the true values which give life a foundation.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

Values for Life is an exciting package which is designed to support the teaching of values and virtues to young people.  It provides clear teaching on the “Gospel Values” which (emerging form the Beatitiudes)  should be promoted throughout their currculum in every Catholic school.  It also offers schools a rationale for planning how to help young people to understand and to commit to Gospel values such as Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity.


The Values for Life folder consists of the CPD textbook, a Values for Life poster and a CD with resources.

  • The CPD textbook consists of 48 pages of material which will help readers to reflect on how values are understood in today’s world. It offers advice on how schools can embed values in their school programmes. It defines “Gospel Values” and how they can be related to Virtues. It offers advice to schools on how to embed Values in the curriculum.

  • The Values for Life poster displays the list of Values words which emerge from the Beatitudes.The CD Resource contains a range of materials which can be used in various contexts. Three colourful presentations (with music) offer reflections on the Beatitudes and on Gospel Values, as well as examples of people whose lives have been “Blessed”.

  • A set of 8 Beatitude Values Posters illustrate values which emerge from each of the Beatitudes. These can be used in classrooms, schools and Churches.

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