1. The CATHOLIC EDUCATION COMMISSION – SCOTLAND is a body constituted by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland to advise and assist the Bishops in all matters pertaining to education and, on its behalf, to promote development in this field. 2. FULL read more

Catholic schools are communities of faith and learning whose educational vision is based upon the central teachings and values of the Catholic Church.  This vision sees the world as God’s creation and humans as the image of God: God as Father who drawsread more

Faith is the response to the Father’s invitation to communion with God which, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, people make to the revelation of the Word embodied in the Church’s teaching and practice.  It involves a free and conscious assent oread more

I believe, like you, that the record of Catholic schools in Scotland is second to none. For confirmation, one only has to look at the reports by Her Majesty’s Inspectors and at what former pupils go on to achieve. So it is a pleasure to pay tribute read more